Materials and Post Processing


We primarily use PETG, ASA, ABS, Woodfill PLA, Silk PLA, Polylite Polycarbonate, and Nylon-6 with Glass Fibers.

-We use PETG, ASA, and ABS from Paramount 3D. (Use Coupon Code HG3D to save 10% on their website.) They are also available on Amazon

-We use Woodfill PLA from Amolen and  Silk PLA from Mika3D on Amazon.

-We use Polylite PC and PA6-GF from Polymaker. Both also available on Amazon.

-We are still settling on a TPU provider and currently using Amazon Basics TPU.

Post Processing:

For post processing, we heat treat all of our applicable materials, such as PETG, Polylite Polycarbonate, and Nylon 6 with with Glass Fibers. This is a crystallization process, commonly referred to as "Annealing" (not true annealing,) that brings our products to their glass temperature to relieve stresses from the 3d printing process.

We run the parts in a homemade curing oven that brings them a degree or two above their glass transition temp and a few degrees below. It cycles there repeatedly for a standard amount of time depending on the material.

Photo from Prusa3D depicting microscope view of PETG at temperatures 20C (left) and then at 120C (right)

Prusa3D did a blog on this if you want to read more.