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Paintball Hardware Kit for G.5 Hinge Trigger Frame

Paintball Hardware Kit for G.5 Hinge Trigger Frame

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Hardware kit for G.5 Pump Paintball Trigger frame.
Hardware only. Does not include any printed parts.

Kit includes:

-2x 1/8 inch width 3/4 inch long dowel pins, one for the trigger, and one for sear.
-2x 10-32 button head screws, 1/2 inch long one for the front of the frame, 3/8 inch short one for the rear, for connecting to the body.
-1x 1/4 inch Unthreaded spacer
-1x 3/16 ID 7/16 OD .049 inch thick washer are also for connecting to the body
-2x 2.5mm x 14mm pins for securing the ASA nuts so they cant strip the plastic
-2x 10-32 square nuts for the ASA mounting
-4x 10-32 socket head screws, 1 1/4 inch long and 1 inch shorter for depending on your ASA
-4x 6-32 brass expanding inserts for mounting grips
-4x 6-32 3/8 inch countersunk hex screws for mounting grips

Buying all the hardware individually online can cost over $100 usd and then you have more than enough for many frames. If you want to only build just a few, then this the best option.

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